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Trulloes and Itria Valley

Putignano (source:  Visual Puglia )

Putignano stretches over three hills 375 meters above sea level. It is placed 18 kilometers away from the coast. The city has Peucete origins and was included among papal dominions in Middle Ages. The original elliptic-shaped village was surrounded by walls. Its population was extremely devoted to the Supreme Pontiff. This devotion emerged when Emperor Frederick II was denied access to the city while returning from a battue, even though he had had a castle built for the city. After this regrettable event, the Emperor had that same castle destroyed.

The city has been showing a great industriousness in several industries over the centuries: in the agricultural, manufacturing, and commerce sectors, as well as high-quality craftsmanship. Early industries were created during 1800s. These experienced a great development and reached today’s international celebrity especially thanks to its wedding dress industry. Between 1086 and 1358 the city was a feud belonging to Monopoli Benedictine monks; later it was acquired by the Knights of Rhodes and Knights of Malta between 1358 and 1806. On July 26 2000, the small planet no. 7665, between Mars and Jupiter orbits was called Putignano, thanks to an initiative by the manager of the Observatory of Guidonia (Rome) who discovered it in 1994. The manager came from Putignano.