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    province of Lecce

    The Lecce Plateau and the Serre Salentine characterise a province located on the extreme tip of Italy, including 97 municipalities and a rich fragmented coast touching the Ionian and the Adriatic seas. This territory is particularly lively and productive and is famous thanks to its large olive groves and vineyards, in addition to innumerable natural reserves. Artistic monuments and archaeological sites are particularly interesting in this area and bear witness of the ancient Messapi, the Greek and Roman civilisations and the Byzantines, thanks to which Otranto became particularly important.  The various dominations following one another enriched and enhanced all the cities and villages of the province, and today we can still visit wonderful examples such as castles, coastal towers, churches and cathedrals. In the countryside, dolmens and menhirs still bear witness of ancient human settlements.

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    City of arts

    Lecce (City of arts) In Salento, thanks to a particular taste for decoration and a lively cultural environment, cities of arts can be visited including important monuments from the historical and artistic viewpoints. In this respect, mention must be made of Lecce, where the Baroque triumphs, Otranto, because of the mosaic of Pantaleone and Galatina because of Santa Caterina di Alessandria

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    Seaside resorts

    Lecce (Seaside resorts) Words are not enough to describe the beauty of the beaches of Salento and the transparency of the sea in venues such as Porto Cesareo, Santa Cesarea Terme, Otranto and Gallipoli. The cave of Zinzulusa and the Alimini lakes are definitely worth a visit

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    Top-class villages

    Lecce (Top-class villages) The historical city centre of Otranto is particularly beautiful and picturesque, located on the sea and including a maze of alleys connecting the Castle to the magnificent Cathedral, famous because of its precious mosaic floor of Pantaleono and the Martyrs’ chapel. The village of Specchia is also very beautiful

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    Cities of typical products

    Lecce (Cities of typical products) The most famous wines from Puglia include Salice Salentino RDO. Another product typical of Salento is the almond paste used for typical sweets during the Christmas and Easter periods. Also the local pasta is excellent: it is produced in an almost artisan fashion in an ancient production site in Magli, with bronze moulds and through slow cold drying procedures

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    Tourist cities

    Lecce (Tourist cities) Among the most beautiful and interesting cities mention must be made of Gallipoli thanks to the Premio Barocco and Melpignano because of the Notte della Taranta, which may boast guests such as Giovanna Marini, Francesco De Gregori and Piero Pelù. Castro, Galatina and Nardò are also definitely worth visiting

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