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    province of Brindisi

    The province of Brindisi is an integral part of the Salento peninsula and marks the transition between the Land of Bari and the Plateau of Lecce. The hinterland has always been influenced by the development of the main city and its maritime trade. The port of Brindisi played an important role already at during the Roman Empire because of its relations to the East. That natural harbour was almost a necessary stop for Romans, Crusaders and Venetian merchants. At the end of the 1800s the company “Valigia delle Indie” selected Brindisi for its maritime railway connections to the East and today Brindisi remains the best port in terms of the relations of Italy to Greece. Many tourist resorts are available along the coast, but mention must be made of the protected area of Torre Guaceto, particularly for those who love being in touch with nature.

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    City of arts

    Brindisi (City of arts) A territory marked by a crystal clear sea, towards the last areas belonging to the Murge, hosts the white city: Ostuni, marked by beautiful historical buildings, in particular the late Gothic cathedral with interior decorations dating back to the 1700s. Also the archaeological sites of Brindisi and the City hall building in Fasano are definitely worth a visit

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    Seaside resorts

    Brindisi (Seaside resorts) The dunes of the coast of Brindisi are particularly beautiful and provide crystal clear water and hospitable beaches between Ostuni and Carovigno. Mention must also be made of the coastal fortresses in this area, in particular the fortified farms, i.e. small ancient farms which have survived until today

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    Top-class villages

    Brindisi (Top-class villages) One should not forget visiting the picturesque historical city centres of Cisternino and Ostuni. The village of Cisternino is particularly beautiful and lively especially during the Summer, where roast meat can be tasted in the numerous trattorie and butcher’s shops among the narrow alleys

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    Cities of typical products

    Brindisi (Cities of typical products) The wine Brindisi RDO produced from Malvasia and Negramaro vines, is famous at national level (Negramaro is also the name of a famous pop group from Salento). The olive oil produced in the area is also very good. Fasano hosts some of the oldest century-old olive trees of Puglia

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    Tourist cities

    Brindisi (Tourist cities) Ostuni,thanks to its beautiful cathedral and the typical horse-ride on the occasion of the feat of Sant’Oronzo, and Fasano, which is important not only because of its beautiful city centre but also because of its Zoo-Safari including remarkable attractions, a dolphins aquarium, an animal park and a tropical hall, are particularly interesting from the tourist perspective

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