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Buildings with historical value

Historical dwellings: the new face of Puglia's hospitality

Puglia's hospitality has ancient roots and is very important to the region's inhabitants. The doors of historical dwellings and noble mansions open to welcome business meetings and conventions. It is an ideal mix of future and past, professionalism and culture.

Enjoy Puglia's natural inclination for hospitality. Relish the timeless atmospheres of castles and fortified manors. Knock on the door of an abbey immersed in nature, or visit the cloister of an ancient monastery. These settings could serve as an incredible venue for your business trips.


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Grande Albergo delle Nazioni e complesso residenziale INA

A residential complex and an historic hotel from which to enjoy a privileged view over the city and the sea.

Stadio San Nicola

One of Bari’s most celebrated architectural landmarks, marks the northern entrance to the city. Seen from afar, it appears like a giant spaceship hovering over the green.

Palazzo della Provincia

The rich decorations make this palace a full-fledged artwork echoing a renewed spirit, while the belfry makes it Bari’s tallest building. 

Cimitero Monumentale di Parabita

A stone monument imbued with the charm of the ancient ruins, destined to withstand time, and built in sync with the great Apulian architectural tradition.

Gusmay Resort

An elegant, simple and sinuous building nestled among the hills of Gargano National Park, from which to enjoy the sounds of nature and the view of the sea.

Magazzini Mincuzzi

Located right in the heart of the famed Via Sparano, the 20th-century Palazzo Mincuzzi is a symbol of the city of Bari and an unmissable shopping experience amid the Liberty style architecture.