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Discover Puglia's treasures

Wonders await behind every corner in Puglia, where cities are like outdoor museums. Learn the history of the peoples that once dominated this land: rich collections of ancient relics recount tales of the Messapian, Byzantine, Roman and Greek civilizations that once inhabited the area.

The region's theaters are treasure troves of art and stunning architectural masterpieces. Visit historic libraries. Puglia’s temples of culture feature frescoed vaults, elegant cloisters and rich halls drenched in centuries of history.


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Altamura National Archaeological Museum 

With its rich collection of archaeological artefacts, the National Museum is located near the cave where the prehistoric skeleton of Altamura Man was found.

Ascoli Satriano Museum Complex

With its splendid marble sculptures and ancient grave goods, the Museum Complex in the former Convent of Santa Maria del Popolo offers visitors the chance to take a trip through history. 

The Pino Pascali Museum Foundation

Created to honour one of Italy’s leading 20th century artists, the Museum Foundation at Polignano a Mare is an important reference point for contemporary art in Southern Italy. 

New Verdi Theatre

In the heart of Brindisi stands one of Italy’s largest historic theatres.

Teatro Petruzzelli

This splendid Italian-style theatre in the heart of Bari is the region’s most prestigious cultural building.

MarTA – National Archaeological Museum of Taranto

The ancient capital of Magna Graecia is home to one of Italy’s most important archaeological museums, safeguarding priceless treasures such as the splendid Golden Treasure of Taranto.