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Castles, towers and architectural gems

A leisurely stroll through castles and towers: Puglia's fortresses
Puglia is land of conquests and domination. Strongholds and palaces, majestic symbols of this ancient nobility, stud the countryside throughout the region. The silhouette of a watchtower will guide you along the coastline.
Castel del Monte, Fredrick II of Swabia's majestic fortress that dominates the countryside around Andria, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your quest to discover Puglia's castles begins here. Follow the crenellated bulwarks and visit Renaissance garrisons - you can still sense the echoes of epic battles and lavish courts.


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Bari's Norman-Swabian Castle 

Built by the Normans in the 12th century and restored by Frederick II around 1230, Bari's Swabian Castle now serves as the headquarters of the Regional Directorate. 

Aragonese or Alfonsino Castle

Alfonsino Castle, a majestic symbol of the Christian West's defense against the Muslim world, stands on Sant’Andrea Island.

Magazzini Mincuzzi

Located right in the heart of the famed Via Sparano, the 20th-century Palazzo Mincuzzi is a symbol of the city of Bari and an unmissable shopping experience amid the Liberty style architecture.

Swabian Castle of Brindisi 

Overlooking the sea one side, the land on the other, the Swabian Castle of Brindisi testifies to the wonders of history.

Castel del Monte

This fascinating castle built by Frederick II is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, a symbol of Puglia and, since 1996, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Palazzo dell’Acquedotto Pugliese

An example of an artistic creation with a unique dominant theme visible in the upholstery, frescoes, furniture and every decoration: water.