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National Archaeological Museum ''Jatta''

  • Ph. Museo Jatta
  • Ph. Museo Jatta

The National Archaeological Museum ''Jatta'' is set up in the halls of the neoclassical Palazzo Jatta, in the heart of Ruvo di Puglia. The rich collection numbers artefacts by the most renowned Apulian and Greek potters. In the first hall are showcased terracotta pieces with human figure and architectural motifs, Daunian trozzella vases and black-glazed ware. The tour continues in the second hall with the large krater decorated with masks, an artwork by the painter from Baltimora. In the Rhità room are shown pitchers with zoomorphic motifs, while the last exhibition space is dominated by the most important vase of the collection, the Attic red-figure krater decorated by the painter Talos, dating back to the 5th century BC. The palazzo Jatta houses a noble period apartment with an art gallery, part of the original furniture, upholstery, decorations and floor. Eight rooms are open to the public: the hall, chapel, parlour, bedroom, library, dining room, dance hall and the gallery of the ancestors

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