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Civic Museum

  • Ph. Carlos Solito

Located in the heart of Mattinata's historic centre, the Civic Museum accommodates countless archaeological finds unearthed at the nearby Daunian necropolis on Mount Saraceno.
In the museum exhibition spaces, which host also temporary exhibitions, the elegant dark furniture is paired with crystal display cases showing several grave goods, among which pottery, metal fibula and other objects of daily use.  
Founded in 1982, the museum complex was opened in 1990.

  • Collections

    Mattinata Museum Complex accommodates several collections, among these, rich grave goods unearthed on Mount Saraceno: rings, brooches, vases, fibulas and small sculptures which accompained the dead into their eternal dwelling. In the museum's courtyard, stand two boulders on which are imprinted some dinosaur footprints, coming from the town's marina. 

  • The necropolis of Mount Saraceno

    On Mount Saraceno, in territory of Mattinata, has been found a necropolis containing 500 tombs, which are a precious testimony of the customs and tradtions of the Daunian civilzation. The tombs present a peculiar womb shape, into which the bodies were layed in a fetal position, along with the grave goods. The Daunian Steles, stone slabs carved with several symbols, covered the tombs.    

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