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    Textiles and embroidery

    Textiles and embroidery (Adda Editore)

    Textile production in Apulia dates back to ancient times, to make everyday clothes as well as more precious items, such as wedding trusseaus, vestments and altar clothes, and “clothes” for the sacred dummies. Especially widespread between the XVIII and the XIX century was the custom of dressing processional statues, especially the Virgins. The most famous and significant examples include the statue of Saint Nicholas of Bari (1794), the Virgin with Crown in Foggia (XII century, with elegant embroideries made of gold and silver threads) and the statue of the Virgin of Valleverde at Bovino (XIII century). This historical production led to making textiles on handlooms, some ancient specimens of which, still in working order, are on display in the factories of Vico del Gargano, specially related to the Settimana Valentiniana during which handmade lace and embroidery made by the local women are exhibited.

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    Available in following towns: Vico del Gargano (FG)

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    Updated on: 14/07/2010