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Teatro Kursaal Santa Lucia

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Strolling along the seaside promenade Goffredo di Crollalanza, you’ll come across one of the most beautiful late-Liberty buildings ever made in Bari, overlooking the gardens of Adua square and the sea.

The Kursaal Santalucia has a dual function of movie-theatre and apartment building, the latter housed on the upper floors. On the outside, the glazed openings across the central body allow a glimpse into the sumptuous Giuseppina hall. This is decorated with high reliefs and frescoes executed by brothers Mario and Guido Prayer from Torino, well-known artist decorators of that time.

Used in the past also as a rehearsal studio for dance performances held at the nearby Petruzzelli theatre, it evokes the charming atmospheres of the 20s.

Currently the complex is part of a restoration project, jointly stipulated by the Regional Government, the Municipality of Bari and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

  • Historical notes

    Designed in 1925 by the Eng. Orazio Santalucia as a residential building, on commission of the family of the same, it was modified in 1927soon after the beginning of construction works, with the enlargement of the theatre hall at the expense of a part of the building.

    The complex remained unchanged until 1955, when it was thought to make the already existing Giuseppina hall into a second gallery for the main auditorium. On this account were built two new staircases in addition to the existing ones. In 1989 it was decided that the building should go a complete overhaul and the project was entrusted to the architect Paolo Portoghesi.

  • Architecture

    Housed in a 70m-long structure which takes up an entire block along the Adua square, the building is immediately recognizable for its late-Liberty decorations.

    It features a façade divided into three sections. The central, larger section is marked by large openings decorated with high reliefs depicting theatrical figures which immediately reveal the function of the building. The upper part is topped by a large crowning cornice supporting the attic floor. The interior accommodates a stage 9m long and 8m wide, visible from the stalls and from the three-level galleries.

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