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  • Ph. Giuseppe Leone
  • Ph. Giuseppe Leone

Strolling around Brindisi’s historic centre, the impressive architecture of the Nuovo Teatro Verdi will immediately jump to your eye. A large bronze bas-relief gracing a corner of the main façade, created by the Hungarian artist Amerigo Tot, marks the entrance anticipating the lavishness of the interior. Through the glass in-floor display case in the foyer, one can observe the underlying remains of the archaeological site of San Pietro degli Schiavoni, representing a sort of historical bond between the history of the Roman city of Brindisiumand the new cultural season which officially began with the opening of the theatre. The theatre is a state-of-the-art building with a perfect acoustics, thanks to the cherry-wood paneling, whose very beating heart is the large stage.   
Its considerable size ranks it among one of the largest theatres in southern Italy, along with the old-age San Carlo in Naples, the Bellini in Catania and the Petruzzelli in Bari. With its 25.50m, its stage is also one of the largest in Italy.

  • Historical notes

    In 1964, during the demolition of some houses in Brindisi’s old town to make space for the new Palace of Justice, emerged the remains of a urban settlement of Roman age. It was therefore decided to relocate the building site and erect instead a raised theatre on the newly-found archaeological site. The project was entrusted to the Roman architect Enrico Nespega in 1966. Already completed in the 70’s, the theatre was never officially opened due to bureaucratic obstacles until it was inaugurated in 2002 with a concert conducted by Maestro Riccardo Muti. 

  • Architecture

    Located in the city’s historic centre and built on an archaeological site of Roman age, the Nuovo Teatro Verdi is a one-of-a-kind theatre. It’s spread over an area of 4,500sqm and has a total volume of 40,000 m³. Two galleries with a total seating capacity of 1172 seats are located at the bottom of the main hall. From the foyer raised a few steps above the street level, it is possible to admire the underlying Roman ruins through a glass in-floor display case, which can also be visited from the square.

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