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    Dauno DOP

    Dauno DOP (Adda Editore)

    Made from olives that have been grown since Roman times, as stated by its designation related to the area of Foggia, the Dauno is green to yellow in colour, smells of fresh fruits and sweet almonds and tastes fruity. Depending on where it is made, it comes in different varieties: Basso Tavoliere, Gargano, Alto Tavoliere, Sub-Appennino.

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    Protection Mark: Protected Designation of Origin
    Available in following towns: In all municipalities in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani


    Matches - How to consume it:

    While the Basso Tavoliere is mostly suitable for tasty pasta dishes or soups, cooked vegetables or barbecued and roasted meats, the Gargano is best sprinkled raw on delicate fish dishes, raw vegetables, to make shellfish and seafood dishes or as an ingredient in delicate sauces. The Alto Tavoliere suits vegetables in oil dips, salads, bruschetta, or raw and cooked savoury dishes. The Sub-Appennino is ideal for subtle fries or to make traditional cakes.

    How to recognize it:

    The label, along with the commercial brand, states "olio extra vergine di oliva DOP Dauno" (Protected Designation of Origin); then the sub-area where the olive trees are grown (Basso Tavoliere, Gargano, Alto Tavoliere, Sub-Appennino); the DOP EU logo, the seal of the certification body, along with a reference to the Ministerial authorisation.

    When to find it:

    All year round

    Sources: By the editorial staff
    Updated on: 14/07/2010