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    Castel del Monte DOC

    Uve (Archivio Retecamere)

    The designation Castel del Monte includes a number of wines ranging from red to rosé to white. The name comes from the area surrounding Frederick’s Castel del Monte, a place in which the climate is particularly favourable for vine-growing.

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    Protection Mark: Registered Designation of Origin
    Available in following towns: Andria (BT) - Minervino Murge (BT) - Trani (BT)


    Matches - How to consume it:

    Castel del Monte DOC (REGISTERED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) is a positively versatile wine that can be drunk in many different ways and on a wide range of occasions.

    How to recognize it:

    As well as mentioning the Registered Designation of Origin, the label must include all the information laid down by the law: native region; designation, in which the cultivar from which the wine comes is matched to the geographical area in which it is grown; nominal volume of the wine; bottler’s name or corporate name and address; bottler’s number and code; country; batch number; ecological information.

    When to find it:

    All year round

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    Updated on: 14/07/2010