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Palazzo Rogadeo

  • Ph. Carlos Solito

Palazzo Rogadeo  in Trani, also known as Palazzo Arcivescovile (Bishop’s Palace), belonged to family Rogadeo during the 15th century and later was bought by the archbishop Fra diegi Alvarez and chosen as seat of the bishop.

Particularly interesting is the harmony of the façade of the internal courtyard, embellished thanks to the three arches, whose keystone is created with a series of shaped shelves.

The style of the building is clear also thanks to the two refined balconies, embellished by the precious balustrades which decorate the upper floors.


  • Historische Anmerkungen

    Wanted by Frederick II, the building of the palace started in 1233 and ended in 1249. The direction of works was entrusted to Filippo Cinardo, count of Conversano and Acquaviva. During the centuries, the palace had several changes but, in spite of it, this mighty building managed to keep all the impressive beauty of its original structure.

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