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Palazzo dell’Acquedotto Pugliese

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Located in the heart of Bari’s downtown, ‘’Il Palazzo dell’Acqua’’ has become over time a cultural landmark of Puglia. The palace represents the tangible expression of antiquity embodied in a sole project: to bring water to Puglia, also with the help of the populations of Irpinia and Lucania, and make more fertile an historically barren land by improving the living conditions of its inhabitants. The building style integrates perfectly with the local architectural traditions, as reflected not only by the materials used, but also by the plenty stylistic and decorative patterns, inspired by the most renowned architectural monuments in the region. The stone cladding in Trani stone shows, in the details of capitals, inscriptions on mullioned windows and balconies, all the skillful mastery of local stone cutters. The history of this enterprise carved in stone is narrated with symbolic expressive strength by the decorator Duilio Cambellotti, through a rich gallery of wall paintings, sculptures, furniture and other decorative artefacts.

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    Brunetti took the decision to use architectural shapes inspired by the Apulian Romanesque style because it could made it possible a better integration with the urban context of the city. The style and materials used to build the palace helped to integrate it with the urban tissue, stimulating the points of contact with the monuments of the region. The outer part of the building has been faced with Trani stone decorated and carved by skilled local stonecutters. The building, formed by four floors, a cellar and 238 rooms, hosts the presidency and a part of the administrative offices of AQP.

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