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Palazzo Sylos Sersale

  • Ph. Carlos Solito
  • Ph. Carlos Solito

Palazzo Sylos Sersale in Bitonto belongs to the namesake family and still nowadays stands out for its magnificence.  

The palace, evidence of a noble past, has some sixteenth-century parts, such as the facade towards vico Storto, where there is still the main portal. Particularly interesting are the decorations which embellish it, surrounding the keystone with the carved coat of arms of Giannone and Sylos families.

The palace has the original facades still intact, while the elegant loggia, overlooking the small internal courtyard, has been changed over the years.

  • Historical notes

    The palace is the result of an extension of the old Romanesque structure carried out in the XVII century. Although it is contemporary of other Renaissance buildings, it was restructured in the Baroque style in the XVII century by the Sylos Sersale family.

  • Architecture

    In Bitonto, the Baroque caught on only in the decorations that we can find in particular in the columns of the large portal, whose shaft is characterized by drums unusual in the region of Bari but common in Neapolitan architecture. Capitals are executed in the composite style, with masks at the centre of the volutes. The portal pilasters, against whom the columns lean, and the portal arch are constituted by “conci a bozze”. Another interesting feature is the hall, with a barrel vault with lunettes, whose central part shows a large painted coat of arms.

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