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Seminary Palace

  • Ph. Laura Intiglietta
  • Ph. Laura Intiglietta

The Seminary Palace is the most important baroque monument in Brindisi. It was built at the behest of the bishop Paolo de Villana Perlas and, according to some sources, it was planned by Mauro Manieri.

Some elements are evidence of the changes the building was subjected to during the construction, different in comparison to the original plan, as for the back part, where it was added a tower.

Some materials used to decorate the palace, including some white marbles which frame the window and the doors of the main façade, come from the Basilica of San Leucio.

The palace keeps the Hydria of Cana, a precious relic brought here by the crusaders coming back from Jerusalem, the only existing jar in which Jesus, during the wedding at Cana, turned water into wine.

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