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Palazzo De Maio - De Vita - De Luca

  • Ph. Carlos Solito

Palazzo De Maio – De vita – De Luca in Foggia, built in the 16th century, stands in the historic centre of the city.

The portal is framed by two grooved columns, topped by Ionic capitals, which bear a moulded cornice, at whose centre there is a balcony. The architrave, embellished with reliefs decorated with floral motifs, with a curved tympanum above, is topped by a stone coat of arm.

There is an epigraph, which still recalls the construction, where it is written “Ut videat et videatur”, “To see and to be seen”: it is a real synthesis of the style of that time, when the functionality of the buildings had to be combined with the beauty.

  • Historical notes

    This building was constructed after 1545, the year the nobleman Cesare de Maio, who already owned a building, bought the ruins of two workshops from the Foggia Chapter, with the intention of constructing a single unit. The building was alienated later in 1696 by the reverend Giuseppe De Vita di San Marco in Lamis, who built the third floor level with a lovely portico.

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