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Il Rifugio Oasis

  • Ph. Vincenzo Pioggia

TheIl Rifugio WWF Oasis, located in the Murgia Suagna, in the countryside of Grumo Appula, was subjected to reforestation at the beginning of the 70s, with pines, cypresses and some local downy oaks .

In the sparse understory there are some shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub, while in the rest of the area there is the typical steppe environment of Murgia. Some cultivated lands have been abandoned on purpose, in order to allow the original forest to take the place of almond and olive trees.

A small guest house is available to the visitors who can try the many activities such as the reforestation, the building of drystone walls and educational visits. The area of the oasis is fenced and can be entered only upon reservation.

Ensconce yourself in a trullo or a masseria

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