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Bosco delle Pianelle

  • Ph. Carlos Solito
  • Ph. Salvatore Stagira

The regional nature reserve Bosco delle Pianelle covers 1,205 hectares in the area of Martina Franca, on the border with the Municipalities of Crispiano and Massafra.

In this wonderful forest, along the slopes of Gravina delle Pianelle (ravine) happens the phenomenon of inversion, whose result is a rich and varied vegetation. In particular stands out the Gravina del Vuolo, well known for the cave Grotta del Sergente Romano, probably the shelter of the last bandit in Puglia.

Really interesting are also the several mammalian species which live inside the reserve, such as the weasel, the badger and the fox, surrounded by the scented forest full of junipers, myrtles and wild orchids.

In the forest it is possible to hike or ride a bike for more than 15 kilometres along trails and maybe stopover in one of the picnic areas inside the reserve. It is also possible to overnight in a guest house.

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