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Masseria Combattenti State Nature Reserve

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Masseria Combattenti State Nature Reserve encloses the reclaimed areas of floodplains between Cervone, Candelaro and Celaro rivers.

The wetland Margherita di Savoia Salt pan is the largest area, while in the other one there are canals and basins with salt water.

Since the soil is salty, the vegetation consists mainly of glassworts, while by the water there are rushes with marsh reeds. Really common is the phrygana, which characterises the Mediterranean environment, together with trees such as tamarisks and willows.

The fauna is the one typical of wetlands, in particular migratory birds stop off here, and it is possible to admire some birds which live always here, as mallards and western marsh harriers.

The locality is also an important spa centre for salso-bromo-iodic  treatments.

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