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Regional Controlled Nature Reserves of the Eastern Taranto Coast 

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The Regional Controlled Nature Reserves of the Eastern Taranto Coast stretch down the coast, reaching inland to the municipality of Manduria, in the province of Taranto.
Covering 1,113 hectares, the Reserves have two distinct focal areas. The first runs from the Cuturi and Rosa Marina Forests to the mouth of the River Chidro on the coast, while the second comprises the coastal saltpan and dunes of Torre Colimena and Palude del Conte.
The aroma of tall holm oak thickets and Mediterranean scrub hangs over the Cuturi and Rosa Marina forests. The Chidro River, however, is a karst spring, while the saltpan of Torre Colimena consists of a damp depression bordered by dunes and immersed in samphire, an ideal refuge for migratory water birds.
Inland, holm oaks grow alongside myrtle and mastic as the land leads down to the coast, where salt steppes and dunes crowned by juniper bushes dominate the landscape.

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  • Flora and fauna

    The Salina dei Monaci saltpan is an ideal place for birdwatching and here you can admire pink flamingos, mallards, cranes, swans, and wild geese. A typical feature of the saltpan are expanses of samphire surrounded by Mediterranean scrub made up of thorny broom, mastic, myrtle, and phillyrea.

  • Getting there

    Heading towards the sea on the S.P. 137 road, you'll come to a roundabout near Manduria. Here, on the right, is the Masseria della Marina (farmstead), a large fortified building that's home to the Casa del Parco (Park House), the starting point for various adventurous excursions into the heart of the reserve.

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