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State Nature Reserve of Stornara

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The State Nature Reserve of Stornara, between Puglia and Basilicata, covers 1,501 hectares in the stretch of coast of Taranto Ionian coastline.

The Reserve was founded in 1977 to protect the coastal forest with a pine forest of Aleppo pines, a typical Mediterranean conifer, which can resist high temperatures and aridity.

A clear characteristic of these pine forests is the intense scent of the shrubs and the never-ending chirping cicadas amid the branches.

The oasis has also some wetlands, such as Salinella Lake, while along the coast there are several watchtowers such as Torre Marinella, Torre Mattoni, Torre della Marina and Torre Lato.

The name “Stornara” takes its name from the many starlings which migrate during winter. Here it is possible to admire other species of birds, among which herons, mallards, white storks and, also, robins, blackcaps, cuckoos and great spotted woodpeckers.

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