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Regional Nature Park Porto Selvaggio e Palude del Capitano

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The Regional Nature Park of Porto Selvaggio, covers an area of 516 hectares in the municipality of Nardò and is part of an area by the sea, where reforestation has been started since the 50s.

The landscape, which used to be bare and rocky, is nowadays characterised by a thick pine forest, surrounded by the wonderful Ionian Sea.

The habitat is mostly covered by forests, but there are also pseudo-steppe paths, the habitats rich with grasses and annual plants and jagged cliff.

The visitor has the chance to watch foxes, weasels, hedgehogs, chameleons and, during the bird migration season, also blackbirds, thrushes and hoopoes, beside the lesser kestrels and the kestrels.

A few metres away from the coast, it is also possible to visit he Palude del Capitano (Marsh), where there are the “spunnulate”, that is to say caves, the result of karst phenomena, whose vault has collapsed creating small salt-water lakes.

One should also admire the wonderful small pebbles beach in the bay of Porto Selvaggio, crowded in summer, and the underwater caves.

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