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Parco Naturale Regionale Terra delle Gravine

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Spread over 12 municipalities of the Taranto province and one municipality of Brindisi province for a total of 28.000 ha, the Terra di Gravina Nature Park is characterized by gorges of karst origin, formed by water erotion of streams that gush out from the Murge Upland and flow into the sea.

The caves nestled along the ravines have been used continuosly as settlement sites from the Neolithic up to the 50's, with a peak in intensity during the Middle Ages.

In the evocative rocky villages, churches, crypts and sanctuaries often feature beautiful icons in Byzantine style, depicting the Virgin, Christ Pantocrator, saints and martyrs. The considerable depth of the ravines, as well as the particular microclimate enabled the preservation of an estremely varied flora, fauna and microfauna habitat.  

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