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Lama Balice Regional Nature Park

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Lama Balice Nature Park covers an area of almost 125 hectares and it takes the name from a slightly incised karst valley which runs through the Murgia of Bari across the municipalities of Bitonto, Modugno and Bari, as far as the sea.

The bed of the lama (slightly incised gully), was in the past the stream “Tiflis”, nowadays dried out, along which there have been found some traces belonging to prehistoric settlements.

It is possible to admire several plant species, such as carob trees, holm oaks, hawthorns, the wild asparagus, wild orchids, and also aromatic herbs, such as mints, sage and thyme.

The park is instead populated by foxes, frogs, hedgehogs, common moorhens, black winged stilts, owls, common kingfishers and mallards.

The visit inside the park is also more interesting thanks to the presence of olive trees and masserie (farmsteads) scattered across the area, among them Villa Malatesta, Masseria Caffariello and Villa Framarino, from which the hikes start.

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