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Normanna or Maestra Tower

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Two structures, a Norman and a Swaban one, characterize the architecture of the tower of Bisceglie. The Gothic vault, which is featured only on the second and third level, betrays the true origin of the whole building. The Normans are thought to have erected the barrel-vault tower on the first level, while the rest has been completed by the Angevines. The annexation to the castle occurred at a later time. At present, the Norman Tower of Bisceglie houses the local ethnographic museum and, on the second floor, a study hall on Bisceglie's sacred art.   

  • Historical notes

    In 1060, under the direction of Count Pietro I, the Normans built only the first part of the tower. As the danger of raids from the sea grew greater, the Swabians enlarged the tower's defensive capabilities further.   

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