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Norman Tower

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The impressive Norman Tower of Palazzo Ducale in Bovino is placed on the left part of the entrance portal of the large building. It testifies to the original function of the castle, which used to protect the town and was built around the first half of the 11th century by the Norman count Drogone, brother of William of Hauteville, on the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress.

The castle was built around the big circular tower, located “like a knight”, on a pyramidal barbican which consists of the corner made of two curtain walls.

During the Seventeenth century, while the castle was changing into a noble palace, the tower was used as prison. Then, in 1865, it was used as dovecote and, at the end, from 1880 until 1902, was used by the Town Hall as water cistern for the town needs.

  • Architektur

    The Norman Tower of Bovino, placed on the corner made by two curtain walls, curved on the back, recalls the image of a knight on horseback. From here, the name “a cavaliere”, like a knight.

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