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Passo di Corvo Archaeological Park

  • Ph. Carlos Solito

Discovered by chance during an air reconnaissance by the Royal Air Force in 1943, the Passo di Corvo Archaeological Park is an important site, conserving the ruins of a Neolithic settlement dating from the 5th to the 4th millennium BC.

A veritable page of ancient history, the Park extends over roughly 130 hectares. It features a reconstruction of settings and scenes of everyday family life in Neolithic times, including a life-size hut, a trench, and animals.

  • Artefacts

    The reconstruction is based on information gleaned during the excavations, with elements used to recreate a typical entrenched village, as those built between 7,000 to 5,000 years ago. As you wander the settlement’s streets, you'll see a dwelling with a trench, a hut, and domestic and agricultural activities common to the period.

  • Getting there

    To travel back through the centuries, take the State Highway (S.S.) 89 to just outside Foggia and keep driving towards San Marco in Lamis. The Park's entrance is only a few kilometres away.

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From 01/01/2016
to 31/12/2016
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From 01/01/2016
to 31/12/2016
Open around the clock from 16:00 from 19:00
Every Tuesday, Thursday


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