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Celebrated by Virgilio and Orazio for its mild climate, Leporano literally lies on a low rise between luxuriant plains overlooking the Ionian Sea. Torre Saturo is the tower overlooking the promontory of Marina di Leporano, which was built over one of the Spanish sighting towers of the end of the XVI century and takes its name from the remains of the first Greek colony on this coast, “Satyrion”. On the top of the hill, the remains of a big building can still be seen, where finds dating back to the VII and VI centuries b.C. have been found, while the remains of a III-IV century Roman villa have been found in a clearing close to the sea.

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The section of coast full of sandy bays and creeks alternating rocks and cliffs create an amazing scenario that has a strong impact on travellers, particularly in the summertime. Do not miss the Lido Gandoli bay, one of the most famous along the coast, and the beaches of Saturo and Porto Pirrone.
In addition to the coast, the crystal clear sea is in perfect harmony with the wild and sweet nature of the coast. Visit the Castle that overlooks the landscape from the highest spot of Leporano, and Torre Saturo, ancient Spanish sighting tower.
Worthwhile mentioning are also the interesting folklore and cultural events organised in Leporano: the Feast of Sant’Emidio and the rituals of the Holy Week, two very typical southern customs.

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Population: 5808
Province: Taranto
Patron Saint: Sant'Emidio (4 agosto)
Area Code: 099
Town website: www.comuneleporano.it

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Updated on: 02/09/2010