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The Castle of Trani

  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi
  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi

One of the most interesting Swabian castles that Frederick II built in Southern Italy, the Castle of Trani stands by the sea in defense of the city.

The Castle is famous as the site where Manfred of Sicily, son of Frederick II of Swabia, chose to celebrate his wedding to Princess Elena d’Epiro (Helena Angelina Doukaina of Epirus). It retains its historic fascination, whilst also telling of knightly legends that have been passed down to us through the generations.

Nowadays, the Castle hosts many events, particularly during summer, including an evocative reenactment of Manfred's wedding that recreates the medieval atmosphere of the time. 

  • Historical notes

    The Castle of Trani was commissioned by Frederick II of Swabia in 1230. It was completed three years later, although consolidation of the structure continued for a further fifteen years.

    Like many other castles, it was modified in the 16th century when Charles V reinforced the defensive structure by adding two bastions equipped with fire arms.

  • Architecture

    The Castle, with its quadrangular base, is one of the finest existing examples of Swabian defensive architecture. Originally featuring square-base towers on each corner and a central courtyard, it was later fortified with the addition of an external wall. It stands by the sea and was, in the past, directly linked to the water. It used to have a wooden drawbridge.

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