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Swabian Castle of Oria

  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi
  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi

It is an imposing gem made of stone, watching over the inhabitants from the top of a hill, halfway between Brindisi and Taranto: the Swabian Castle in Oria is a wonderful structure built between 1225 and 1233 at the behest of Frederik II and, over the centuries, it has been inhabited by princes, knights and noblemen.

It has a triangular plan and is characterised by three towers called Quadrata (Square), Del cavaliere (of the knight) and Del Salto (Jump): the first one was built during the time of Frederik II, while the other two under the Angevin domination.

According to a local tradition, the foggy atmosphere which shrouds the castle is not just a natural phenomenon, but it recalls something which happened during the construction of the castle, known as “Oria Fumosa”, foggy Oria.

A must-see is the castle at sunset, with an amazing picture-postcard view, which can be admired from any place in the town.

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