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De' Monti Castle

  • Ph. Leonardo D'Angelo
  • Ph. Leonardo D'Angelo

A Baroque façade built during the 17th century with decorative corbels and anthropomorphic figures are the face of de’ Monti Castle in Corigliano d’Otranto, as it appears nowadays. The statues, inside niches, represent the virtues and characters of that time, while on the architraves are written the words by Andrea Peschiulli, by now incomprehensible.

Former constructions are the moat, the piazza d’armi and the four towers at the corners, each representing at its top a relief of the saint to which it is dedicated.

Nowadays inside the castle there are a library, a multimedia museum and a book shop.


  • Historical notes

    During the 16th century, on a former building of the 15th century, Giovan Battista delli Monti modified the structure, in order to fortified it. after the domination of Delli Monti family, the castle was owned by Trani family who, in 1667, changed it into ducal palace, thanks to the works and decorations by the architect Francesco Manuli.  

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