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Castle of Castro

  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi
  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi

The Castle of Castro, built during the 16th century on the ruins of former buildings, has a circular tower, a bastion with the Torre del Cavaliere and some parts of the defensive walls.

A large internal rectangular court used to contain agricultural and handmade products which were traded in the Mediterranean area. On the western part, on the marina, the only room which has an independent access from the outside is the “sala del castellano” (castellan room), since it did not need too much protection.

According to some documents, in 1780 the castle was already in ruins. After it has been abandoned for almost two centuries, over the last twenty years they have started renovation works.  

  • Historical notes

    The first documents testifying to the existence of a castle in Castro date back to the 13th century: a document of 1282 described it as having a strategic importance to protect the kingdom. It is quite sure that the castle was built on the ruins of a former Byzantine building, which protected the fortified Roman village. In 1480 it was destroyed and then rebuilt and strengthened  in 1572 by the Spanish viceroy.

  • Architecture

    On the north-western part, stand the thick walls of the Bastion of the buttress, with a single central room and fortified battlements. The Torre Cavaliera, the highest and most imposing one, is a three-story tower with three rooms, covered with barrel vault. The Torre Circolare, dating back to the Aragonese period, has three rooms with small windows and merlons with machicolation.

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