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The castle of Monopoli

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On a small peninsula called “Turris Paola”, in the heart of the old town centre, there is the impressive castle of Monopoli. On three sides it is surrounded by the sea, while on the fourth there used to be a moat.

The present appearance dates back to 1660, when the huge cylindrical keep was added, from which it is possible to enter. On the upper part, there are large holes for the cannons, a sign of the original function to protect the town, while the right part, towards the town, appears to be more refined after the works of the 17th century, when it started to be used as house.

The castle, reshaped several times over the centuries and used as prison during the first years of the 20th century, was restructured around 1976 and nowadays houses the Archaeological Museum of the Town.

  • Historische Anmerkungen

    The castle, built to continue the series of strongholds by Frederik II, was then fortified by the Angevins and, in 1552, was once again reinforced by the viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo, at the behest of Charles V. Other important changes were made in 1660, by the Duke of Atri Giovanni Geronimo Acquaviva.

  • Architektur

    The castle, with a pentagonal shape, has two levels and the perimeter has been planned using square ashlar of calcareous rock. The main entrance is by a cylindrical tower, topped by round arches, with a room for the drawbridge. A pentagonal keep with a loggia and machicolation interrupts the continuity of the north-east façade.

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