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Gallipoli Castle

  • Ph. Leonardo D'Angelo
  • Ph. Leonardo D'Angelo

The castle, stronghold of the town of Gallipoli, is completely surrounded by the sea.

It is located on the eastern part of the “nice town” and it can be already seen at the entrance of the peninsula which surrounds the old part of the town, at the entrance of the seventeenth century bridge, in the past a lift bridge, which connects the isthmus to the mainland. The stronghold used to be probably separated by the surrounding land.

The castle, completely surrounded by the sea, has nowadays a quadrangular shape with four towers on each corner and a fifth one, called “Rivellino”, separated from the perimeter and alone in the water.

Gallipoli Castle has recently become a popular location which is open and working all year round.

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  • Historische Anmerkungen

    The castle dates back to the 13th- 14th century, but the town used to have a stronghold already during Roman time, together with towers enlarged by the Byzantines and by the Normans. The Angevins and the Aragonese modified the structure of the fortress, but Francesco di Giorgio Martini was the one who made important changes. During the 19th century the moat was filled up and the arches which used to support the lift bridge were filled in.

  • Architektur

    The fortress has a square base strengthened  by the four towers. The tower Vedetta, topped by merlons, has a polygonal shape. The other towers are surrounded by a string course and are decorated with small arches. The eastern curtain, the Rivellino, is a fifth circular tower separated from the rest of the walls and has not been renovated yet. Inside it, there are large rooms with barrel and cross vaults.

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