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Conversano Castle

  • Ph. Carlos Solito
  • Ph. Carlos Solito

Four towers facing four cardinal points. Conversano castle is a magnificent building erected in the shape of a trapezium, which took the present appearance only after several reconstructions that turned it from a defensive fortress into a lavish noble residence.
The interiors are graced with state rooms where the counts used to welcome their guests and the magnificent wedding chamber of count Giangirolamo II Acquaviva d'Aragona. The windows and the balconies giving onto the castle's courtyard, the final stage of a long process of architectural transformation, on the other hand, show the aesthetic taste in vogue in the 19th century. A treasure trove of the municipal art gallery, the castle accommodates 17th-century the cycle of paintings ''La Gerusalemme Liberata'' (Jerusalem delivered) by Paolo Finoglio.

  • Historical notes

    The Normans built the castle around 1054 for defensive purposes. In this same period was erected the Torre Maestra (main tower), wanted by the count of Conversano Geoffrey of Hauteville the Norman,  which was brought to completion only in the 13th century by the Brienne counts.   
    Since the 15th century the county of Conversano was ruled by the Acquaviva family who turned the ancient fortress into a noble residence. 

  • Architecture

    Featuring a trapezoidal layout, the fortress numbers four towers; the Torre Maestra (main tower), or norman tower of the 11th century, the second tower, on the south-east side dating from the 13th century, which has Gothic-style windows, the cylindrical tower erected in 1480 and the polygonal tower of 1503, next to which once was the drawbridge. 

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