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  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi
  • Ph. Mirabilia Sistemi

According to the tradition, there is an underground tunnel which leads from the basement of one of the towers of Castello Ducae in Torremaggiore going to the chapel of SS. Rosario, inside the Mother Church of San Nicola.
The marquis Paolo II De Sangro ordered the renovation works of the castle and wrote an inscription on one of the balconies overlooking the eastern part of the castle, in order to make people remember that he was the author of this renovation.  

On the window between the third and fourth balcony, there used to be a bridge which connected the opposite ducal theatre, while at the beginning the northern façade used to protect the castle, as shown by the several embattlements found on the half part of the North-eastern tower.

On the western side, it is still possible to admire decorations, coats of arms and the windows overlooking the panoramic view over Daunia Mountains. To admire the Square Tower and the ruins of an elegant Aragonese mullioned window, one has to look at the Southern side.

  • Historical notes

    The precious frescoes made by the Neapolitan school decorate the seventeenth-century throne hall and show that the castle of Torremaggiore has lost its military and defensive function since the 16th century, becoming a noble palace.

  • Architecture

    Palazzo Ducale has also six towers, four cylindrical and two quadrangular. The square central Tower is the keep of the castle. The side square Tower is smaller and has elegant merlons, while the North-eastern one has a window with arch, under which there is a grating which leads to the prisons. The North-eastern tower houses the Palatine Chapel

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