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Castle of Deliceto

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The Castle of Deliceto has housed Norman, Swabian, Angevin and Aragon noblemen over the centuries, changing it deeply, but still with its military function, rather than noble palace.

The keep, known as Torrione, is the most impressive part of the whole building. Molo and Parasinno towers are connected through a battlement still accessible and, according to a story, in the undergrounds there used to be a terrible instrument of torture used against the thieves.

The castle, which used to be surrounded by a moat and had a drawbridge, has been built on the rock and has four floors, two of which with pointed vaults and two built out of a rise with wooden floor.

The accommodations used by the nobleman, the soldiers and the servants overlook the central courtyard, made of bricks arranged in herringbone and with irregular pebbles. 

The palace, declared national monument in 1902, is the most important one in the town.

  • Historische Anmerkungen

    The first document which testifies to the existence of a castle is an act of donation of Tristaino da Deliceto, dating back to 1073. However, many say that the longboards, already during the 9th century, built the first nucleus, so that its foundation should date back to two centuries before. It is likely that the population of the area gathered around the castle, building its houses.

  • Architektur

    It has a trapezoidal shape, with two story, three towers and a large internal courtyard. The whole building was built using local calcareous stones, with irregular arrangement. The internal vaults and arches are made instead of yellow-ochre bricks. The curtain between Molo and Parasinno Towers, is 55 metres long, the one on the south-east 66 metres long.

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