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  • Ph. Galasso Cosimo
  • Ph. Galasso Cosimo

Palazzo Baronale in Latiano, called Castle by the inhabitants, is an elegant building whose present look is the result of several changes ordered by the Imperiali family.

The ancient fortress was changed into elegant palace by the princes of the Enlightenment. The traces of the passing of the time are visible on the east side, overlooking via Spinelli, where there are the ruins of the former building dating back to the 14th -15th century. Visiting the several rooms, it is possible to see the collection of paintings of the Neapolitan and Venetian school of the 17th and 18th century.  

The Imperiali family owned the castle until 1909 and the same year it became property of the Town Hall of Latiano.


  • Historical notes

    The origins of the castle date back to the 12th century, when it was probably located along  Via Appia and, for military reasons, it had a moat. More certain news about it date back to the 1670 – 1724, when the Imperiali family was the most important ones in Latiano.

  • Architecture

    The palace has a square plan with a loggia on the façade topped by a large arch, on which stands the coat of arms of the Imperiali family. Outside, a portal with bossage and decorated windows welcome visitors.

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