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Castle of Dentice di Frasso

  • Ph. Carlos Solito
  • Ph. Carlos Solito

Perched on a hilltop, it is unseeable from the coast. Standing on the fringes of Carovigno's picturesque historic centre, the castle overlooks the northern gate to the nearby Ostuni as well as the western flank facing the sea. The strategic position made the castle the apple of discord among nobles and an exellent military outpost, as can be seen from the angular towers. The curvilinear tower, on the other hand, displays the Sienese influence of architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, operative in Puglia during the years of its construction. In the course of the 18th century, the stronghold was converted from a military fortress into a lavish residence by the will of count Dentice in 1904. 

  • Historical notes

    The first document to mention the castle dates back to 1163. Since then, the fortress fell in the hands of several rulers, the Normans of Geoffrey III of Montescaglioso, the Swabians in 1194 and the Angevines in 1306. In 1382 it passed to the prince of Taranto Raimondo del Balzo Orsini who then bequeathed it to his wife, queen Maria of Enghien, countess of Lecce. 

  • Architecture

    The present appearance of the castle is due to recontruction works carried out between 1300's and the 1400's on a previous Roman building. The rare triangular plan features angular towers connected to each other by curtain walls. The whole upper level is slightly jutting, while the walls are thickly crenellated. The curvilinear tower further amplifies the impression of a military building and unveils the Senese influence of the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini.     

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