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The Castle of Sannicandro di Bari

  • Ph. Carlos Solito
  • Ph. Carlos Solito

The medieval castle delimited by an ancient road running around the edge of the ancient moat, looks as though it's still watching over Sannicandro di Bari's historic centre. Consisting of two separated wings, built by the Byzantines and the Swabians, this imposing construction is thought to be a defensive stronghold against Saracene invasions, which already in 1916 served the purpose of defending the population. The fortress was once endowed with eight fortified towers, of which only six have endured. Of the finest craftsmanship are the two gates which still preserve the holes through which run the chains of the drawbridge, and the coat of arms of the Grimaldi lords, a feudal family that owned the fortress for a few decades.        
In 1800 the castle underwent structural changes with the addition of markets and craft shops from which to draw profits needed for the maintenance of the Basilica del Capitolo di San Nicola.It was only after 1900, when the castle came into the possession of the municipality that restoration works were able to bring it back to its ancient splendour. 

  • Historical notes

    The castle was erected as a fortification at the behest of emperor Constantine VII, to defend the coast from Saracene raids. The castle was built in several phases, starting from the Middle Ages, to which date back the mullioned windows and the decorations of the upper rooms. Other restoration works were carried out during the rule of Frederick II, when the building took a more residential appearance.

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