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Gioia del Colle Castle

  • Ph. Carlos Solito
  • Ph. Carlos Solito

The Castle of Gioia del Colle was built by Riccardo Siniscalco (Richard of Hauteville), brother of the famous Robert Guiscard.

Over time, the stronghold was redesigned by Ruggero II (Roger II) of Sicily and later, around 1230, by Emperor Frederick II, the driving force behind the development of a network of castles in the area. Like many other castles in Puglia, the structure was later modified by the Angevins and Aragonese.
The Castle, which was once a defensive stronghold and Frederick II's residence, now houses the National Museum of Archaeology.

  • Historical notes

    Although the construction started under Richard of Hauteville, the real protagonist in the Castle's history was Frederick II. The Emperor was so committed to developing and fostering the arts that he became known as the Stupor Mundi: the Wonder of the World. Besides Gioia del Colle, many other castles were built or restored by Frederick II.

  • Architecture

    The Castle, which was built on a trapezoidal base, is characterized by the calcareous stone used in its construction.
    Of particular interest are the central courtyard and two towers, the De Rossi Tower and the Empress Tower, both clad in fine ashlar.

  • Archaeological National Museum 

    The Archaeological National Museum takes up the entire ground floor of Gioia del Colle's Swabian Castle. Wandering through the rooms, you can admire an array of archaeological finds from the 5th to 3rd Centuries BC, ranging from grave goods to simple, everyday objects.

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